Kind words

“Julia is a wonderful teacher. Her enthusiasm and energy make piano lessons a very enjoyable time for me. Even if I come to a lesson feeling unmotivated, I know I will leave with new knowledge and excitement for music thanks to Julia. She is also skillful and has helped me a lot with my technique. Overall, Julia is a lively piano teacher and I would recommend her lessons to anyone, no matter their age."

- Maria Siminiuc.

“Julia has a wonderful and inspiring way with children. Her encouragement and positive style has helped my daughter develop a love for music and “even” enjoy practicing piano at home. She makes piano lessons fun and age-appropriate. We will be starting our younger 5 year-old with her this Fall. I highly recommend Julia for all beginners who want a positive experience of learning piano and developing their passion for music."

- Christina Louey.

"Our 8 yrs old son has been taking piano lessons with Julia for two years and our 5 years old daughter has just begun taking lessons as well. They are both showing progress due to Julia’s teaching methods and approach. Julia planned a Christmas recital which truly encouraged our son to practice and which he enjoyed immensely. It was a terrific way to showcase his talent and a great confidence builder. Julia cares for each of her students’ success and adjusts her teachings according to their skill level. Her passion for music is communicative!"

- Kim Lockhart.

"Over the last 4 years, Julia has been my piano teacher and has proven one point: You are never to old to start studying the piano and there is so much enjoyment in playing this instrument. I started learning the piano as a young adult and was concerned about all the upcoming challenges, however, Julia's patient, professionalism, attention to technical details and guidance in every piece, allowed me to reach my personal goals after each year. I like that she is an open minded teacher; open to try and learn some of my suggested pieces while continuously working on technical growth. Today, I am grateful to call myself an intermediate piano player and I am looking forward to grow my skills with Julia on my side, as my mentor and teacher.”

- Nadia Wassmer.

“Julia is a great piano teacher! My daughter loves playing piano since she started with Julia, I think that’s the most important thing as I never worry about her practicing. She is kind and caring and we love her style of teaching. I definitely recommend her to anybody who wants to learn piano.”

- Sara Nafisi.

“My 12 year old son wanted to quit piano lessons two years ago when we moved to Vancouver. I convinced him to meet a few teachers and we decided that Julia was a good fit. Two years later, he is still interested enough to continue playing and to take lessons. Julia is an excellent piano teacher. She is patient, kind and encouraging and she has developed a positive rapport with my son. Julia has made lessons fun and interesting and she has provided a nurturing and motivating environment to a student who is at an age when there are many distractions to deter him from lessons. Julia is a skilled and professional teacher and I am grateful for her pleasant, gentle nature which has created a happy and successful learning experience for my son.”

- Lesley Foran.

"Our son has been taking piano lessons with Julia for 4 months, and he enjoys it thoroughly. He is learning a great deal and is already able to play several songs. Julia keeps the lessons fun by having him play songs that he can relate to, thereby wanting to learn more. We can't wait to see what he can do in a year."

- Josie Jacob.

"I am a mature piano student at the Kerrisdale Community Centre. After being absent from playing the piano for 20 years, I was a little apprehensive to start lessons again. Fortunately I was assigned to Julia Villafuerte.Julia is an accomplished pianist with 20 years of training. She understands what the individual older student wants + needs. With me she had shown great support and encouragement and had revived my interest and love in playing simple classical pieces.In addition she is a very kind and patient person and I highly recommend Julia for the younger piano students as well."

- Ellen Lum.