Are Children and Adults who Learn an Instrument Smarter?

I could never imagine my life without ever learning to play piano. Sure, in earlier years when I was practicing for exams it could seem to be a chore. . The thing that kept me going was the beauty of playing each piece perfectly. It is one of life's greatest feelings…


How is musical practice similar to meditation?

Living with daily stress has become the norm and we have been convinced that a certain amount of stress is a good thing. This idea is entirely deceiving. All forms of stress are bad for you. The Japanese have found that many deaths are a direct result of stress. It is so common in their society they have a term for it: karoshi. It translates literally to “overwork death”.


5 Piano Tips you Need to Know

Whether you’ve just started learning piano or would like to brush up on your knowledge of piano techniques, here are some invaluable tips that I think you need to know.

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Can Music Stave off Dementia?

I have recently started playing piano at a retirement living centre in the care centre side. On this side of the building more than half of the residents have some form of dementia.

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